Bulletin of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Astronomy – №56(2), 2017 (full pdf)


Kozak P. Meteors with anomalous apparent heights from TV observations in Kyiv

Kudrya Yu. Baryon Tully-Fisher relation for galaxies from the 2MFGC catalog

Zhdanov V., Dylda S. Hydrodynamic cosmological model and the “cosmic doomsday”

Fedorova E.Determining the upper limit on the black hole mass from NGC 4748 X-ray photometry

Maigurova N., Pomazan A., Kozhuhov O. Results from optical CCD observations of asteroid 2014 JO25 during its close approach to the Earth on April 19, 2017

Alexandrov A.Dynamic systems that describe Chang-Refsdal gravitational lens

Belyaeva L., Parnovsky S. Correction of the orbital mass of double galaxies estimation

Stashko O., Zhdanov V. Circular orbits around a spherically symmetric relativistic configuration in the presence of a phantom scalar field

Kazantzev A., Kazantzeva L. Asteroid size distributions for the main belt and for asteroid families

Karbovsky V., Kleshchonok V., Buromsky M. Software and hardware complex for observation of star occultations by asteroids

Mozgova A., Kleshchonok V., Golubaev A., Borovička J.The determination of the excitation tempertaure of the FEI atoms according to the data of the meteor spectra obtained on August 2, 2011

Lozitsky V., Lozitska N. Comparison of chromospheric and photospheric magnetic fields in two solar flares of X1.1/4N and X17.2/4B importance

Ponomarenko V., Churiumov K., Zhdanov A., Sergeev O. Features of thr 8P/Tuttle comet from the spectral studies of its comma

Alexandrov A., Izotova I.Vocation and fate: to the 75th anniversary of A.V. Mandzhos’s birth