Bulletin of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Astronomy – №58(2), 2018 (full pdf)


Ponomarenko V., Churyumov K., Sergeev O. Spectrophotometrical researches of the subnuclear area of 46P/WIRTANEN comet

Lozitska N. Sunspot magnetic fields in 24 cycle of solar activity

Pishkalo M. Reversal of Sun’s polar magnetic field in solar cycle

Parnovsky S., Izotova I. Diffuse star-forming galaxies: thermal emission in radio continuum at 1.4 GHz

Lozitsky V. Measurements of spatially unresolved magnetic fields of mixed polarity using observations of the Zeeman effect in the solar faculae

Sergijenko O. Dipole of the luminosity distance as a test for dark energy models

Voytsekhovsky V., Hnatyk B., Kudrya Yu. Acceleration and propagation of ultra high energy cosmic rays in the Local Universe

Plotko P., Hnatyk B. Vela supernova remnant and its pulsar wind nedula: physical characteristics and radio emission

Guliev A., Poladova U. Аbsolute brightness of the set of long-periodical comets 1990–2015

Gnatyk R., Vynokurova K. TeV gamma-ray radiation from Vela supernova remnant

Kozak P. Meteors with multi-modal light curves: observations and qualitative models