Bulletin of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Astronomy – №55(1), 2017 (full pdf)


Shatokhina S., Golovnia V., Andruk V. Asteroids searching, rediscovery and orbit correction with UkrVO resources

Yizhakevych O., Andruk V., Pakuliak L., Lukianchuk V. Photographic observations of major planets and their moons in MAO NAS of Ukraine during 1961–1990

Parnovsky S. How to find an initial luminosity functions of starburst galaxies

Kleshchonok V., Luk’yanyk I. Web-oriented interface for remotely access the Kiev Internet-telescope

Karbovsky V., Lazorenko P., Svachiy L., Buromsky M., Kasjan S. The programs of observations on MAC in 2001–2015 and their results

Lozitsky V., Efimenko V. Doubke Hale’s cycle in changes of sunspot diameters. Preliminary results

Krivodubskij V. The alpha effect of Babcock–Leighton in the surface layers of the Sun

Fedorova E., Vasylenko A., Zhdanov V. Peculiar AGNs from the INTEGRAL and RXTE data

Lozitsky V., Osipov S. Magnetic field measurements in sunspots using spectral lines with different Lande factors

Koval’chuk M., Vovchyk Ye., Stodilka M., Bilinsky A., Baran O., Hirnyak M., Martynyuk-Lototsky K. Estimation of the lifetime of artificail satellites of the Earth depending on their elements of orbit

Kazantsev A., Kazantseva L. A search for possible connections of gravitational influence of the Sun and the Moon with earthquakes

Parnovsky S. Large-scale galactic motions: test of the Dipole Repeller model with the RFGC galaxies data

Kozak P. Earth atmosphere grazing meteors

Lozitsky V., Lozitska N. Magnetic fields in proton solar flare of X17.2/4B class according to data of simultaneous measurements in a few spectral lines

Efimenko V. Astronomical observatory of National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv in 2016

Kazantsev A. To the memories of Lidia M. Sherbaum