Bulletin of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Astronomy – №54(2), 2016 (full pdf)


Kudrya Ju. Dark matter distribution in haloes of nearby giant galaxies

Parnovsky S., Izotova I. Initial luminosity functions of starburst galaxies

Zhdanov V., Dylda S.  Qualitative analysis of a cosmological evolution in a hydrodynamical model with a barotropic equation of state

Ponomarenko V., Simon A., Churyumov K.  Parameters of dust and gas in the comma of the comets C/2014 Q2 (LoveJoy) and C/2013 US1O (Catalina)

Eglitis I., Eglite M., Andruk V., Pakuliak L. U-values ofstars and galaxies from digitized astronomic negatives obtained by Baldone Schmidt telescope

Andruk V., Pakuliak L., Golovnia V., Shatokhina S., Yizhakevich E., Protziuk Ju. About the catalog of equatorial coordinates and B-values of stars of the FON-program

Yuldoshev K., Usmanov O., Egamberdiev E., Muminov M., Rel’ke E., Protziuk Ju., Andruk V. Astrometry and photometry of digitized plates of the FON-KITAB project

Kovalenko N. Estimation of the non-gravitational effects on the Centaurs orbits evolution

Zhdanov V., Stashko O. The body motion in gravitational field of a spherically symmetrical configuration with scalar field in General relativity

Parnovsky S. An impact of nearby attractors on the collective peculiar motion of galaxies

Alexandrov A., Zhdanov V. Time delay of critical images in the vicinity of cusp point of gravitational-lens systems

Baran O., Stodilka M. The development of convective structures in the solar photosphere

Mozgova A. Grothrian diagram for multiplet lines of Mgl observed in meteor spectra

Kozak P., Mozgova A. The conception for creation of the multi-functional mobile automated complex for meteor observations

Efimenko V.   Churyumov Klym Ivanovych