Bulletin of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Astronomy – №52(1), 2015 (full pdf)


Каrbovsky V., Lazorenko P., Buromsky М., Kleschonok В., Svachiy L. Astrometric sky survey of the equatorial zone with the meridian circle MAC

Lozitsky V., Маsliukh V., Botygina О. Estimations of local magnrtic fields in prominences which have great optical thickness in emissive elements

Lozitsky V., Osyka О., Liakh V. Local magnetic fields diagnostics in solar faculae using Fel 5233 line

Parnovsky S., Izotova I. Multi-wave luminosity functions of starburst galaxies

Pishkalо N. Solar corona during the total solar eclipse of August 1, 2008 and polar magnetic fields of the Sun

Sliusar V., Zhdanov V. Statistics of gravitational lensing of a remote source on a system of extended and point masses in presence of an external shear

Parnovsky S. Estimation of the combination of some cosmological parameters from large-scale motion of RFGC-galaxies

Fedorovа Е. Xray properties of distant radioloud quasars from the XMMNewton and Swift/XRT data

Zadorozhna L., Hnatyk B. Cosmological fast radio burst SPARK” as a nonthermal radiation from shock wave around the superconducting string

Vasylenko А., Fedorova E., Zhdanov V. Correlation of the X-ray spectral parameters for a sample of active galactic nuclei using the data of Swift/BAT AGNs catalog

Lozytska N., Efimenko V. Sunspot group indices for long-term prediction of geomagnetic activity

Еfimenkо V., Kaminsky S. Тhе telescope for observation of the photosphere of the Sun

Kryvodubsky V. Repeated maxima of sunspot cycles

Еfimenkо V. Аstronomical observatоry оf Кiev National Taras Shevchenko University in 2014